Le Saut du Loup restaurant, Paris


One of the most spectacularly located restaurants in the entire world. It was our last few hours in Paris, and we were desperate to dine somewhere around the Louvre. But it had to be a place which served Pomerol wine, there were no doubts about that. I didn’t know why, but my partners did insist on that.

So there we were, at the Le Saut du Loup restaurant, stunningly located right by the Louvre, Tuileries Gardens, and the Museum of Decorative Arts. The day was unusually sunny for mid-November, so we were happy to sit outside, enjoying the vibrant Paris life around us. The Saut du Loup has a very spacious terrace, which runs along Percier and Fontaine’s façades and overlooks the Louvre’s Carousel Gardens, which have inspired the restaurant’s name.

As the service was very, very slow, we had plenty of time for marveling at horse galloping police officers, while waiting for the menu. And we gazed at the very clever crows, while waiting for our orders to be delivered. Those crows were smart enough to understand that the best way to get some food around the Louvre was to bite through the plastic garbage bags full of the Paul’s bakery leftovers.

At some point, the wrong wine has arrived. And while waiting for it to be replaced, I decided to go for a little walk in order to photograph the alien falling out the museum’s window, plus some statues of the naked Graces. Finally, the food! Oh my, it was well worth all the waiting! Pascal Bernier’s cuisine combines contrasting savors and apparent simplicity. Tagliatelle in cream mushroom sauce, razor clams, foie gras- everything was mouthwatering. So was the Pomerol (the correct one). Now I finally understood why we were chasing after it!

On the frequent trips to the loo, I have noticed that the interior design of the restaurant itself was simply stunning. I would describe it as a discreet luxury, if such a thing does exist.:) It’s a shame I didn’t take any pictures of it, but the next time I visit, I surely will.

This place is not the cheapest one around, but it was worth every cent spent. We didn’t leave any tips though because we thought that the inattentive, slow waitress with her constantly angry waitress didn’t deserve it.

Even if you are on a budget, I would also highly recommend it for a cup of coffee and crow watching.

107 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris, France

Le Saut Du Loup

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  1. lakandula
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    Your shots and the story behind them are all enticing! Kudos

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