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We’ve invited five different personalities to collaborate with Lomography for our special line of Lomography T-shirts!

To start off, we’d like to introduce you to Barbara Marković – born in Serbia in 1980 and now based in Vienna, she studied German language and Literature. She used to work in a publishing house and has written a novel entitled “Going Out” which was published by Suhrkamp this month.

Please tell us something about yourself.
I was young, but now I’m older. I was blond, now I’m brown. I used to live in Serbia, now I live in Austria.

What’s your own definition of Lomography?
I never had to define it for myself. But there are few tags related to it in my mind: fun, easy to use, nice gadgets, colourful, interesting people, traveling.

Ok, here comes the cliche deserted-island question. Which Lomographic camera would you choose if you were stranded in an island?
Is there one, I can eat, or use to call for help?

How was it like working in a publishing house?
I like working with text, so for me, it was very nice. Also, you get to meet interesting people and learn from them.

Tell us a bit more about your debut novel "Going Out“. What inspired you to write it?
It was an experiment. A remix of another story, Walking(Gehen), which Thomas Bernhard wrote in the seventies. I tried to transpose one text in to another context, retaining the same structure, telling a parallel story about other things, but with the same melody.

A day in the life of Barbi:
Don’t ask! Getting up too late, trying to get organized. Letting people and events distract me. Trying to do some work. Meeting friends one way or another. Promising to myself, that I will do more work tomorrow :)

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, documenting your adventures with a Lomographic camera, where would it be and why?

Oh everywhere. I haven’t been to many places, but maybe Japan for a start, because of all the little animated smiling faces and toys, that should be collected, at least with a camera.

Name three things out of your wish list.
Hehe, now I’m supposed to just get some wish list out of my pocket and read three things :) The problem is, there are no things among top 10 of my imaginary wish list. There are some people, talents, knowledge on certain subjects…
Of course, I wouldn’t have anything against a house, new computer, even a t-shirt would be nice!

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