Van Gogh Art in Spices

Photographer Kelly McCollam used Vincent Van Gogh’s works of art as inspiration for one of her projects. She used different kinds of spices to recreate Van Gogh’s paintings.

Photo By: Kelly McCollam via Flavorwire

Vincent Van Gogh was a painter who is known for his use of vivid and bold colours. Van Gogh was into art at a very early age. He started creating drawings and moved to paintings in his twenties. He mainly worked with oil paint and watercolour. He has created thousands of paintings in his lifetime but probably one of his most popular works is ‘The Starry Night’.

Kelly McCollam is a budding photographer who considers Vincent VanGogh as his favourite painter. For one of her projects, she paid homage to the fine artist by recreating his paintings. The interesting part is she didn’t use watercolour or oil paint as a means to make the image. Instead, she used different types of spices. She dipped the spices in food colouring to come up with the colours for the ‘painting’. The different textures of the spices that she used make the images come alive. She was able to capture each element of the painting by carefully placing the objects in the right position. The project is aptly entitled ‘A Dash of Van Gogh’.

View the images of Kelly McCollam’s works below:

Photos By: Kelly McCollam via Flavorwire

The information for this article was taken from Van Gogh Gallery and Kelly McCollam Photography.

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