Lanikai Beach: National Geographic's #5 Beach in the World

As a local growing up in Hawaii, I’m honored to present to the Lomographic community, Lanikai Beach. National Geographic named this the #5 Best Beach to Visit in the World, and I definitely agree that it’s worthy to fit in the realm of the world’s legendary best beaches. Beautiful, pristine sand, amazingly blue and clear waters, and a laid back community makes for a perfect getaway.

One day I happened to be channel surfing, and the Travel Channel was counting down the Top 10 Beaches in the World, in accordance to the ranking by National Geographic. And there it was! My very own local beach, Lanikai, was ranked fifth in all of the amazing tropical beaches known to man. It was stunning, yet totally understandable – Hawaii is paradise, after all.

I’ve only been to Lanikai Beach twice, simply because it is in the town of Kailua, on the other side of our island, Oahu, and I rarely ever drive to that side. The island is slightly grouped into three sections, the Leeward, Town, and Windward side. The Leeward side, which is where I live, is about 30 miles from the start of Windward. And I realize that 30 miles is not very far, but there’s rarely ever a need to drive out of town for anything, since most places I visit tend to be located nearby.

Credits: dearjme

Anyway, Lanikai is pretty secluded and boasts of an upper-class neighborhood with huge mansions and beach bungalows. But the community itself is the furthest from stuffy, the Kailua mall area is calm, collected, and offers many locally-run businesses to visit. Not many tourists visit Kailua, partially because of the distance from mainstream Waikiki, and because it’s just not hugely advertised by hotels or things of the like.

Lanikai is known for its tropical scenic views and ultra-fine sand, which almost feels like light fluffy clouds! It’s also known for its turquoise blue waters, which is clear all year round. Many people like to kayak out to the small islands right off the beach just to get some activity done within the stunning environment.

Now to the best part, pictures! Some of my photos came out overexposed because I re-spooled my roll of Ektachrome from a Diana Mini into my LC-A+ halfway through. Hope you all enjoy, and perhaps think of checking out the amazing beach of Lanikai.

Credits: dearjme

And here’s the National Geographic article Lanikai Beach is listed at the bottom of the page.

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