My First Day Out with My Instax Mini

I’ve always wanted an instant film camera ever since I was little but of course, my parents wouldn’t buy me one. Well, eventually they gave in and got me a Polaroid I-Zone (remember that?!), which spits out yellowish photo miniatures that weren’t all that exciting. Anyway! I finally got myself an Instax Mini three years ago and here’s a short story on what I, rather, we did, on our first day out.

I’ve always thought instant film cameras were cool, I just loved that you get your photos quick and it has this somewhat “vintage” effect. However, I’m a bit of a scrooge when it comes to sharing my Instax photos, meaning, friends asking me to take their picture just so they get a picture for free…>_< So initially, I tried to save my Instax film as much as I can and just use it for special occasions.

Trying out the box of expired films that my friend Diwi (@skyphos) found at a thrift shop hehe…(that’s her blue Instax Mini in the photo; mine’s pink, in case you’re curious. ;p )

The first-ever “special occasion” that came around was my boyfriend’s birthday. We went to Rockwell Powerplant, an upscale mall, because we wanted to avoid the huge weekend crowd given Manila’s massive mall culture (more on that on a future Locations article). Luckily, it was also Free Comic Book Day and Fully Booked – one of the better book stores in the city, was giving away a free comic book per person. “A” free comic book because you only get to choose one – an officemate later informed me that such wasn’t the case during the “official” Free Comic Book Day (???) where you can get as much free comics as you want just bear with the long lines. Anyway, I used the boyfriend to get two comics – a Simpsons comic book and Wolverine. _

Wheeee….free comics!;p I’m a happy camper.

Then we were off to a late lunch at Pepper Lunch. It’s a Japanese franchise, I think, wherein you have to cook, your own food. Sort of. Your choice of meat along with pepper rice and their special sauce is placed on a sizzling plate and it’s up to you how your dish gets cooked because you have to keep mixing it ‘til it’s good enough for you to eat. The boyfriend had beef while I had fish (I think it was salmon?), it’s quite alright.

Late lunch at Pepper Lunch
The boyfriend and his Beef Pepper Rice (?)

What followed after our late lunch…that I cannot remember anymore. This was in 2008 or 2009 so….hehe…forgive me if I cut this short story…short.;)

Ah…back home with Doraemon and Pluto…:D

*I should get a better scanner, I know.>_<

If you have any Instax Mini Locations stories to share, feel free to submit it to our Locations section!:D

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