Summertime at Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach is a gorgeous stretch of golden sand beaches on the northeast coast in Fulong Village, Gongliao Township.

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Fulong Beach is one of the few beach resorts in northern Taiwan and a favorite summer destination for residents in northern Taiwan. If you need to take a breather from hectic Taipei, an hour-long train ride will take you to Fulong to relax by the golden sands.

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There are two major events that take place at Fulong Beach annually: the Hohaiyan Rock Festival (July) and the Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival (May to June). If you don’t mind huge crowds, summer would be the perfect time to get a taste of the local arts.

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Fulong Beach faces the Pacific Ocean and the waters make it an ideal spot for wind surfing, canoeing, and other boating activities.

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