Two Days and One Night at Colonia del Sacramento


Been in Buenos Aires for too many days? Cross the Río de la Plata River to Uruguay’s closest World Heritage spot: Colonia del Sacramento. A small and quiet town where you can walk around historical buildings, chill on the riverside, and drink excellent wine.

First things first: don’t get a tour, you don’t need it, and honestly they are quite lame. Colonia’s historic quarter is small and lovely, should be explored by yourself, and not on a strict time limit. On the ferry terminal, you can rent a bike, a scooter, a golf cart or a car.

This city was founded by the Portuguese in 1680 on the Río de la Plata, it was of strategic importance in resisting the Spanish, but, a century later, it was finally lost by its founders. Everything is well-preserved, the architecture is a fusion of Portuguese, Spanish, and post-colonial styles. Walk around the old fort, go up to the lighthouse and get thousands of pictures while walking on the paved stone streets.

When you feel like resting, find a spot on the riverside, there is a nice park to enjoy the breeze. You can also get closer to the water. Be an explorer: find a small beach or a big rock and you’ll get the perfect spot for sunbathing.

Where to eat: I loved a tiny lovely place called “Buen Suspiro” (at Calle de los Suspiros nº 90). We had some local wine, cheese with olive oil, and the onion soup. And they sell delicious homemade jam, cheese, and pickled vegetables. For ice cream go to “Freddo” on the main plaza. You may get lucky and find some street musicians playing local folklore!

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  1. cenobite
    cenobite ·

    Been there three or four times. I loved it, I'm always wanting to escape from routine in Buenos Aires and just relax for a couple of days in Colonia.

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