Underwater Ink Photography: Mark Mawson's Aqueous Series


Photographer Mark Mawson shot these amazing photographs by dropping paint into water. The following photos are part of his photo series called ‘Aqueous’. More after the jump…

Photos from Aqueous I series via Behance.net

Mark Mawson has a very interesting portfolio, and part of his awesome work is the Aqueous series — A collection of underwater ink photographs in which he drops paint in a tank of water and quickly captures the myriad of patterns that the paint creates.

Photos from Aqueous II series via Behance.net

These incredibly stunning photos of vibrant, smoke-ish color patterns made me stare for minutes and minutes. And the longer I stare, the more I feel hypnotized by them. Listening to Speed, Glue & Shinki – a Japanese psychedelic garage band, sort of amplified my amazement over the photos. It’s like cloud painting where you imagine and form shapes when looking at the clouds.

Photos from Aqueous Fluoreau series via Behance.net

For more of Mark Mawson’s work, you may check his website at markmawson.com.

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  1. gvelasco
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  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Fascinating pictures!

  3. novakmisi
    novakmisi ·

    what I say ? GREAT idea and photos !!!!

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  5. moodification
    moodification ·

    This is very very cool!

  6. earlybird
    earlybird ·

    haha! try this a week ago and i fail!! nice pictures!

  7. fabo
    fabo ·

    Great Idea and great photos!

  8. materne
    materne ·

    sort of remindes me of those deep-sea photolumicent jellyfish,BEAUTIFULL!

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  10. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    Always did this in art class... WHY DIDNT I TAKE PICTURES???

  11. magmango
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    Amazing concept! What an eyecatcher!

  12. mephisto19
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    Very good!
    Thanks for sharing

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    Love these!

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  15. dudizm
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    great work amazing colors and shapes, psychedelic !

  16. dudizm
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    I forgot to ask is it analog? it looks digital... anyway but it doesn't change anything for the viewer I guess...

  17. rjk_89
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    this is INCREDIBLE!!!

  18. idmism
    idmism ·

    MIT’s new camera can do 1,000,000,000,000 frames per second.................

  19. giuly_182
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    really cool! I want to do it! 8)

  20. guinastrapazi
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    wow, neat shots! :)

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    So cool shots!

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