Taco de Lomography Series!

A LC-A, and Fritz the Blitz, accompanied artist Reserve Result on his walk through the streets of the city of angels. His photos were taken for L.A. Taco: a magazine dedicated to celebrating the ‘taco lifestyle’ in Los Angeles. With Lomography, Taco brings you this new series, of which you can read about the first issue after the jump!

Photos via L.A. Taco

Skateboarders are captured leaning on their vertical, propped up, skateboards, or reclining on them, showing how ‘at ease’ and comfortable they feel on the concrete streets. A mishmash of fashions including checkered shirts, graphic tees and paint-splattered overalls illustrate the diversity found in the densely populated American city, in which street art plays a significant part and is seen in the background of many of these Fritz the Blitz illuminated Lomographs!

L.A. Taco is part of the group of Taco magazines that include NYC Taco, SF Taco, Phoenix Taco, Taco Austin and Seattle Taco. Each pays homage to the staple food, the Taco, and informs on events and, mainly street artists in the area!

And, though these characters stand out in their own right, there is someone who stood out even more! Just look who Reserve Result found on the flip side of his Lomo LC-A

Photo via L.A. Taco

English comedian, Russell Brand (standing farthest right of photo)!

The Lomo LC-A is the camera that started the Lomography movement. With full controls and wide ISO range, this automatic gem is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Get your own Refurbished LC-A in our Shop!

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