Paris in Monochrome by Agnes Samour

Paris is a city that has long been the subject of novels, paintings, movies, and photographs for its history and unique beauty. While many prefer to capture the beauty of the French capital using digital cameras at this time and age, a Sydney-based photographer chose to use vintage cameras to take snapshots on film.

French-born photographer Agnes Samour writes on her Lost at E-Minor article that despite having lived in France for more than twenty years, she has only explored much of the Parisian suburbs only recently. Many photographers of this time and age would prefer documenting the Parisian scenes in digital for convenience, but not Samour. “I’ve recently explored and documented each arrondissement with my vintage cameras in search of its beauty,” she says.

The result is a photo set called which Samour called “Paris Twenty,” which she says “provides a sensitive study of the city and depicts intriguing people.” In her website, Samour says she “finds inspiration in cultural differences,” photographs mostly on film instead of digital, and holds little interest for the technicalities of photography.

Let’s take a look at some of her beautiful, carefully composed monochrome photographs of Paris—its streets, sights, everyday scenes, people, and unexplored corners.

Photos by and via Agnes Samour

View the rest of the set on Agnes Samour's Website

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