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One LA revival house cinema is rallying forces of cinephiles, analogue lovers and those who value community and active engagement, to keep the fast disappearing ‘human touch’ in movie theaters! Read on after the jump to find out what they are about, how you are a key part of the aforementioned ‘forces’, and how important and simple it is to help!

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A Revival House – What’s That?

Otherwise known as a ‘Repertory Cinema’, these special movie houses screen classics and other older films that aren’t new releases.

And what, you might ask, is with the word ‘Revival’. Well, you are living in this day and age, reading off a digital screen, and must realize the days of being naturally inclined to analogue film are gone and that those who love and are passionate about this old medium have often acquired this taste by the assistance of revival houses (which encompass art house cinemas), that show old movies which have a special quality, a ‘je nai se quois’, to them that is often lost when made into digital copies.

“Film is meant to be a communal experience, and nothing can surpass watching a film with a receptive audience, in a cinema, projected from a film print.”

An Appeal to Major Film Studios

The New Beverly Cinema, and like cinemas, that only screen 35mm films, are being pressured to the point of being ‘forced’ to convert to digital projection. Because of this great pressure, from major film studios, they’ve created the petition Fight for 35mm which asks the petition’s target: the major film studios, to “consider the cultural significance of 35mm film” and to allow it to remain for the cinephiles!

How You Can Help

With close to 6,500 signatures, they are past the half way mark! So, help them achieve their attainable signature goal of 10,000 by visiting their petition site, signing and leaving an optional message! You’ll be among thousands of others from New Zealand, Finland, Mexico, Lebanon and Canada, to name a few, fighting for the 35mm medium!

Just 4,000 signatures to go! Click here to sign!

Credits: bcartwright

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  1. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    Hi, thanks for sharing! I've just signed, I can't see my signature, though! Maybe it takes a while for it to be shown on the website... anyway, thanks again for sharing!

  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Done! I have seen very few 35mm movies played live, so I'd love to see the practice be kept around.

  3. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Done! I have seen very few 35mm movies played live, so I'd love to see the practice be kept around.

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