Our Portraits! (Part One)


Someone once said that the face is the mirror of the soul. We could explain this in a scientific, philosophical or mystical way. We do what we do, and we always reach the same conclusion: a picture is worth a thousand words!

Since we speak here of images at length, I wanted, in the style of isabel_mebarak, to make this album of our favorite portraits in the Lomography Community. Here we go!


“I’ve always loved the vibrant colors of twilight. And that’s when the magic happens! I love taking pictures of my friends or anonymous people in the fleeting moment.”

Credits: diegoosullivan


“This is the portrait of a friend taken on the last day of a weekend in the south, which the whole crew enjoyed a lot. It was the first time I loaded the Nerasport with 35mm film and the truth is, I did not expect much of it, especially since I had previously tried using redscale and it disappointed me. Also, I was not clear in how much I had to wind the film between shots. The fact is that I was happy with the outcome of the entire reel and this portrait. I also captured this moment of a Sunday where, knowing that you have to go back to routine, you try to take up the last bit of the magic from the weekend.”

Credits: deprofundis


“It was one of my first pictures with the LC-A+ and I love it.. The effect that gives the impression that Elena is integrated into the scenario, the colors you move into an imaginary world, it’s special…I love it!”

Credits: sye


“The summer, festivals, beach, parties… all of which led me to temporary insanity = radical change of look!

This is the first photo where I saw myself…and I loved it the whole time! My Lady Diana portrayed me nicely because I’m worth it!"


“It’s a photo of my niece. I chose this picture because to me, it reflects the playfulness and anxiety of children. At the time when I took the photo, the camera was hidden and it became invisible, yet in a way, it peeked out a little to gossip. I love it!”

Credits: marieta


“This cutie called Julia is the daughter of some friend. She is one of the girls with the most amazing eyes I’ve seen. I especially like this picture because it captures the innocence of children. Also, it’s a good one because it captured one the few moments when she stopped crying. That day she was a bit of a poor sport!”

Credits: lilithmoon

“One of the style of portraits that I love is made ​​with the Fisheye. I find them very fun and can bring out the best in people or your dog!”

Credits: lilithmoon


“It is the first portrait I did with the ActionSampler and the second roll of film I used in a Lomo camera.

I am very happy because I liked it so much, I think it was the photo that inspired me to continue with this crazy Lomography.

The truth is, it’s one of the few photos that survived from that film (as most came out under-exposed). Now, I’ve learned that it takes a lot of light for the ActionSampler to capture photos in all its glory, but at that moment, all I could do was try and learn from my mistakes.

This is the picture that I have in my profile from the day I opened my LomoHome. I think that now, I have you bored (sorry!) but it signifies so much of my analog career that I will not tire of saying it, ever. It’s not polite to stick out your tongue! "

Credits: blancarleal


“This picture is one of my favorites, partly because my mother comes out super cute, I don’t know. It has a sense of mysticism which I love. It was also one of my first doubles with the LC-A and I’m very proud of it!”


“Without a doubt this is the portrait I’ve done that I like the most. As photo that I really like, it helped that the moment it was taken was kind of a challenge. I saw the woman wandering outside a bookstore called Shakespeare and Company in Paris. Her cigarette had a mouthpiece. Her beret, decadent yet very Parisian, exudes such a character that appealed to me. She was interesting and I knew I had to take a picture! I had to be quick! I approached, (nervous, I confess), and I asked if I could take her photo (I did not know how because I do not speak French) and she agreed. I trembled a little with the camera, but I bent down to get the cigarette out and to uncover her face. And click!. After it was finished, I did not want to shoot more. She was a nice woman who continued to talk to us and said goodbye very kindly. Pity I did not speak French, I would have loved to talk to her. "

Credits: susielomovitz

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