Interview with Chingbibi, Winner of the Seoul Around You Competition


You have followed the three stages of the competition, and now we are ready to introduce you to the winner of the first stage, chingbibi. "I’d love to say “An nyeong ha se yo!” to all of Lomograppher in Seoul" (안녕하세요! An nyeong ha se yo! means Hello! in Korean).

Photo by chingbibi

Name: chingbibi

What do you do in your country?
I’m a general clerk.

How did you feel visiting for the Seoul 2nd time?
Very cold, really cold. We don’t have winter in Malaysia, and when I stepped out from the Airport, the snow was fluttering down outside.

Photo by chingbibi

Why do you love Analogue photography?
The colour from the film… I really love the color of film. Specially Slide film of vivid color.

Photo by chingbibi

You know the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, what rule do you apply in your travels through Seoul and specially, when you take pictures?
Don’t worry about any rules. I have experience as a lomographer about 5 years, I don’t want to care about any rule such as exposure and composition so when I take a picture I don’t have any pressure. That is the most beautiful thing about Lomgraphy, I think. :)

How did you start taking lomographic pictures?
I found a special formula camera in a Hong Kong magazine and then I fell in love with them. The LC-A was my first camera. Then I bought a Fisheye.

Photo by chingbibi

How did you feel when you won this competition?
My heart jumped and I was really surprised.

In this digital age, why still film? And what is the most attractive thing about multiple-exposure winning picture?
Actually, it was film swap project with one of my Hong Kong friends. My friend took the picture of flower and then, she sent non-developed film to me. The winning picture was made in collaboration with my HK friend. I’d love to say thank you to my friend. When I took winning picture, I was not thinking about anything and I was just traveling and on the flight back home. I got an unexpected result. I’m a very lucky girl.

Photo by chingbibi

This is your second time in Korea, if you had to recommend one place to a friend of yours visiting, which would it be?
Definitely Hongdae around LGS Seoul. I am also going to travel around Seoul and want to see the surrounding areas as well. I’ll submit locations content for the Lomography online magazine.

When you travel in Seoul what kind of lomographic camera do you bring here? What is best camera for travelling around the world ever?
LC-A and the Spinner (but I could not bring the spinner anymore, it’s too heavy to carrying when travelling.)

Her Holga, Olympus pen and LC-A

What camera do you have today?
I have Holga, Olympus pen and LC-A .

Which Lomography camera is best for travelling?
Absolutely, LC-A and my favorite camera is LC-A too.

LGS in Seoul

How do you feel about the Lomography Gallery store in Seoul?
I have been to LGS Hong Kong and Malaysia. Compared to the other countries, this place is quite artsy. The shop is surrounded by the art University, there are lots of young guys hang around here. I think this is the best place for young people.

Photo by chingbibi

Have you ever eaten Korean food? If you yes, please tell me what you think is the best food for travelers?
Sam gye tang. This is my favorite!

Photo by chingbibi

What is your secret for winning?
Everyone should come to Seoul then take a lot of pictures!

Please say something for lomographers in Seoul!
I’d love to say “An nyeong ha se yo!” to all of Lomograppher in Seoul. (안녕하세요! An nyeong ha se yo! means Hello! in Korean)

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  1. chingbibi
    chingbibi ·

    Once again, Thank you!
    but i haven't been to Lomo Store in Malaysia, coz the store not open yet~ :p
    and now i got one more fav. food in Seoul, that is Bulgogi! 맛있어요! :D

  2. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    안녕하세요! An nyeong ha se yo! :D

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