Spotted: Lomo LC-A+ on the Animated Movie 'K-ON'


Interested to know what K-ON is all about? It’s about 5 girls in a school band and their adventures together during Christmastime. The all-girls band in this animated flick uses analogue cameras, too! Read more after the break!

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Synopsis: Graduation draws near for Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Tsumugi, the four 3rd-year students of the Light Music Club. They, together with Azusa, decide to go on a post-graduation trip. Their destination, decided by lot, is London!

The five main characters are members of a band, Ho-kago Tea Time (放課後ティータイム Hōkago Tī Taimu?, After School Tea Time) in the anime are: Akiyama Mio, Hirasawa Yui, Kotobuki Tsumugi, and Nakano Azusa.

Yui is holding a Lomo LC-A+ in that movie. Even anime characters love analogue! Here’s the trailer:

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The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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  1. sedgetone
    sedgetone ·

    Look more like an LC-A to me. I know, Mr Picky eh ;-)

  2. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    The LC-A isn't sets to "A". I hope her pictures turn out okay. ;)

  3. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    Erm, just saying. But their adventures are only about their life and their light music club and only Mio has an analogue camera. Sorry I love the anime ^.^

  4. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    @sedgetone I actually type just LC-A but it was edited so. hmm
    @domo-guy I like their songs and all of the characters inside are cute!

  5. vasjpetroff
    vasjpetroff ·

  6. kasumi
    kasumi ·

    K-ON & LC-A

  7. leendabob
    leendabob ·

    love the series

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