The Lubitel 166+ Keychain: My Favorite!


I ordered all of the keychains available in the online shop for Christmas gifts to my friends. When they came in the mail, I couldn’t help but peek into all the canisters and see what the accessories looked like in real life. And out of all of them, the Lubitel 166+ is my absolute favorite!

Having wanted a Lubitel 166+ for so long, this miniature copy of the much coveted camera was just that much more adorable to me. All the tiny details of the writing, mini hot shoe, and the texture of the body were just right and I wanted so badly to keep it for myself!

Even though it wasn’t mine to keep, I couldn’t help but try it on a bunch of things that I would have used it with if I could keep it. This keychain is perfect for zippers, on bags (make up bag for ladies!), cameras, and on sweaters too.

It’s a great addition to really almost anything that it fits on. It also has a great little clip that makes it easy for attaching it to things like phones and key rings. I like it on the keys best! My mom thought it was cute too, haha!

Not to mention, the metal canister it comes in is perfect for putting film into! The design on the can is also great! If I have any extra piggies left over after Christmas, I just might get one for myself!

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  1. sharktopus
    sharktopus ·

    this is my favorite too, i keep mine on my lubitel case

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