Fujicolor C200: Great for Skin Color


Fujicolor C200 can be found in almost any Fujifilm store, at a low price. This color negative ISO 200 film is best for shooting in almost any condition.

Basically, this film is like no other—the colors are so natural and its slow speed of ISO 200 provides a fine grain on pictures. I would recommend this film for portraits because it nicely renders skin colors. Good job, Fujifilm. It’s also perfect for large prints.

Like the rule says, on a sunny day, use 1/125th and f16. That’s how I exposed this film. Basically, it didn’t come underexposed, nor overexposed. Just perfect. Well, most of the shots I took in bright sunlight, so that explains a lot. My camera was handling it.

Nevertheless, it’s a slow film, so when shooting indoors or in darkness, a slow shutter speed is best if you want to get something in a photo. I use this film when I want to do long exposure because of its fine grain and soft, sharp lines, whether of cars or star trails.

This film comes in pair of two rolls and is really cheap; it costs only about 3 euros. I love using it every time I go outside.

On top of everything, it’s perfect for us and for everything we shoot. I will definitely use more of this film. I will buy more and let it expire. Then I’ll come back and tell you about the result.

Good luck at shooting!

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  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Great photos! I'd love to see a long exposure shot, like you described in your article.

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