Kodak Gold: Expired or Weird


Kodak Gold is the most common film used by amateur photographers. Produced by Kodak since 1986, this film can still be found anywhere.

Anybody who had a film camera, most certainly used this film. You can find it at any drug store, 1-hour lab or shop. It’s still produced by Kodak and it’s best for outdoor shooting.

I came across this film in the counter by chance. At a 1-hour lab near my house, with every film developed you will get a free new roll of film. That film was a Kodak Gold 100. I think the catch was that the film was expired or stored in bad condition. The sky was clear, the sun wasn’t that bright (it was spring), and there was no fog in the air.

After developing the Kodak film, the results where astonishing. It had a lot of blue in the photos, soft and faded colors, but still I loved it. Still, I think it was expired due to the fact that I couldn’t create large prints, and because in some photos the details of the face, for instance, are fading pretty ugly. I got a couple of nicer shots from this film and I went home happy. I think a fresher roll of Kodak Gold will provide better results.

I don’t really know what exactly caused those results, where to buy same film, or any other details, but I think one will find some expired rolls on ebay.

Good luck at shooting!

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Nice review and photos. Effect on prints looks like lots of heat exposure, maybe 40C+ for a while. Kodak Gold 100 is generally pretty stable, even when expired a couple years.

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Like the fading colors in the expired films. I was lucky to have got a few rolls of konica 5-6 years expired films, and the results are satisfying, I will upload some fotos soon....<:) I think if you shoot in bright sun, it will show more warmer colors...<:)

  3. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    WOW love it. Shot #6 of the cityscape is amazing.

  4. gilemilio
    gilemilio ·

    Kodak Gold Produced by Kodak since 29 enero 1997

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