Malmö, Sweden

Malmö seems to be the most continental Swedish city. It’s a vibrant and multicultural place, influenced by Copenhagen across the Öresund by only 20 minutes, it is populated by people from over 150 nations.

Malmö did surprise me. I was expecting it to be bland, boring, with just a street full of shops in the centre. To my surprise, it has its very own architecture and design: the amazing Turning Torso and the Öresund Bridge, which links Copenhagen and Malmö. The bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö was really cool, it brings us from the Danish capital to the third largest Swedish city in just 20 minutes!

Getting alive for spring!

The Turning Torso is the tallest in Sweden and the way it’s built was amazing, it’s twisted! This building is a tower that rotates 90 degrees from bottom to top. Hmm, no, I don’t have a picture of the Turning Torso. We headed south towards the castle and walked around the parks which surrounds it, looking at a windmill, nice statues once again, plenty of swans and ducks by the lake.

The windmill in the park
Credits: lihooi

We then headed for a short walk to the west where the beach is and had a view of the Öresund Bridge, but it was too far away to get a good shot of it, and Copenhagen is easily seen from here as well.

Credits: lihooi

The Harbour Front area was really pretty, full of ultra trendy, modern condos. It has been built up from a dreary harbour and shipyard to an exclusive residential area with coffee shops. It was very pleasant to look at under the bright sunshine over this side of the sea, while the wind from Öresund followed us all the time. It was chilly even during spring.

Credits: lihooi

Afterwards, we walked all day through the shopping districts and the old part of town.

Credits: lihooi
Credits: lihooi

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