Pub Street, Siem Reap

One area not to be missed when one is at Siem Reap is Pub Street and its surrounding neighbourhood. We were so spoilt with choices when it comes to food. Throughout our trip, none of the meals failed us, and we were pleased with most of the meals we had.

So we were at Pub Street, the most happening place in town. Here, you can find dozens of restaurants, cafés and pubs specialising on varied kinds of cuisines. Many of these open as early as 7am, so all your dining needs will be well satiated.

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Pub Street might remind you of Khao San Road in Bangkok. You can hear loud music when you enter the area, and it’s hard to know exactly where the music comes from. We chose to get our first taste of Cambodian food at Khmer Kitchen Restaurant.

Credits: lihooi

At night, vehicles are prohibited to enter this street, so you can see many tourists just walking along and also sitting out enjoying some drinks. Most eateries in Pub Street tend to be very colorful and creatively-decorated since most of these establishments occupied the French colonial buildings.

The night market

Aside from bars and restaurants, this area is also filled with massage parlours, souvenir shops, and book stores. There are several alleys and narrow pathways branching out of Pub Street. These parts are also filled with even more shops. On one end of the alley you can find several galleries, shops, bars and restaurants. While on the other end, you will find the greatest variety of businesses focusing primarily on galleries, boutiques, and shops that offer friendly cafes and bars.

Credits: lihooi

Pub Street is definitely the place to go! :)

Credits: lihooi

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