Marc Bower-Briggs' Light Paintings at Stonehenge

Photographer Marc Bower-Briggs uses various light tools to create stunning images of one of the World Heritage sites: Stonehenge. Let’s take a look at some of his compositions after the jump…

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Photography itself is called “painting with light”, and light painting is done by using a camera that can take long exposures and manipulating artificial light sources to produce lines, shapes, hues, and other interesting effects resulting in impressive images. Marc Bower- Briggs has been practicing light painting for over four years using a number of different tools such as LED lamps, coloured lights, and lasers among many other things.

Some of Marc’s light painting tools. Photo via

His recent work involved one of the most famous places on Earth, the prehistoric monument Stonehenge. Marc was given an exclusive 2-hour access to work on the Unesco World Heritage site, some of the result images are shown below, lets check them out.

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