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Tired of the cold? Then head out to sunny Christmas Island where you can enjoy a happy holiday 365 days of the year. Aside from the relaxing ambiance, outdoorsy folks will also love this place for the amazing flora and fauna – ever heard of a Brown Booby? Well you might be lucky enough to finally see one, at Christmas Island.

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Christmas Island is actually an Australian territory located in the Indian Ocean (not a place where you can find Santa’s beach house); it is 2,600 kilometers northwest of Perth and has a population of just 1,403 residents. Divided into several “settlement areas”, residents of Christmas Island stay at the Flying Fish Cove (also known as Kampong), Poon Saan, Silver City, and Drumsite.

Given its location, Christmas Island is less likely to end up being just another highly-commercialized tourist spot, which is actually a pretty good thing. A lot of scientists and naturalists have taken interest on the island for its flora and fauna, making it an even more interesting location for lomographers who have a keen interest on the outdoors.

Credits: cornpony

In spite of its location and size, there are actually a lot of fun things to enjoy on the island, red crab migration, nature walking, bird watching, and of course, lots of sightseeing or just enjoying the beach. Taking lots of pictures is a definite must, after all, how many people in the world have actually been to Christmas Island? I’m guessing not much.

Credits: cornpony

So in case you’re on the lookout for a new place to hangout in for the holidays or you’re just curious about what’s a place called “Christmas Island” looks like, then ask Santa for your ticket now and get ready for a different way to spend the holidays.:)

Make sure to not forget your favorite lomography cameras! I’m guessing the El Capitan would be a great companion for this kind of trip?

In case you’ve already been to Christmas Island or you’ve already had your bit of fun for the holidays, don’t forget to write about it for our Locations section, the more the merrier.:D

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