Highlights of Croatia's 3rd Festival of Analogue Photography

Croatia’s largest LomoWall is a fact! Zagreb’s 3rd Lomographic festival is concluded and left a huge, creative, summery, permanent LomoWall behind! This creative collaboration deserved some celebrating. So, that’s exactly what we did! We had a blast!

We asked you what you did last summer and you replied with more than 1500 Lomographs! We asked you to participate in building the biggest LomoWall Croatia has ever seen and you replied with creativity and hard work helping us built it! So there it is! We proudly present Zagreb’s biggest and sunniest LomoWall and a permanent one, too! It consists of more than 10,000 of your photos, which you can check out in person, at the main entrance of the Student Center.

You can also have a small taste from the “I know what you did last summer” rumble, browsing through the gallery below!

Photos by meryl, bokiopaki, dogma, jprswin, ah_sher, stouf, a_lion

That was a nice start for our 3rd FLAF event. The unveiling was followed by a super party, which felt like we were still on holidays. It’s a good thing we had some time to sober up before joining the Diana F+ Workshop the next day. Hundreds of people were coming and going and nobody missed a chance to try out a camera at the Lomography camera tryouts that followed. On the final day we enjoyed watching a BBC documentary, titled “The Lomo Camera” along with all our friends, who then partied like crazy once more at the closing party.

It was so nice to see all of you Lomographers there. We enjoyed seeing some old friends but also making so many new ones! Thanks to everybody for all the input and physical help to put up the LomoWall and all the Lomographic moments we shared. We can’t wait for the next FLAF, and you can be sure we are already planning it! Your Lomography Croatia team is editing a super video about the 3rd FLAF, so keep in touch on Facebook for more news and updates!

written by danai on 2011-12-17 #news #event #lomowall #croatia #zagreb #flaf

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