Hanging Your Photos Loose


Here is an idea on how to display your photos. It’s about filling all corners of your house with the photos that you took. My next thought when the word “photo” comes in mind is the word “frame”. That’s getting kind of old. Learn more after the break.

Everyone loves photos, but framing them is a little bit old. Now everybody has a digital frame, but that’s not for romantics. I love looking at my photos because it brings me new memories and new ideas. So my variation for a frame is a chain. A chain of photos is displayed all over my house — in my kitchen, in my room, the living room, everywhere! Here’s how I did it.


  • a pair of scissors
  • glass table
  • transparent duct tape
  • photoclips
  • ruler
  • photos

First, I choose what photos to stick according to my theme and the exposure. Second, I aligned the photos on the glass table, leaving a space of 1 cm between them. I chose a glass table because when I tape it, it won’t leave any ugly dusty marks on the duct tape.

Third, I glued the front and also the back of the photos (after I aligned them to be straight). Tape the back of the duct tape so it won’t stick on other surface and will remain clean, almost unnoticeable.

Last but not least, display it where you want.

You can create anything, taping photos horizontally, creating garlands for Christmas, or vertically, like I did.
Good Luck!

written by pvalyk on 2012-01-11 #gear #tutorials #photos #tipster #collage #lomo #lomography #fotoclips #hand-craft #top-tipster-techniques

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Great idea!

  2. poochfan
    poochfan ·

    I did this without Photoclips and used Blue tac, I've wallpapered my room with pictures.

  3. digimai
    digimai ·

    @poochfan: same here! I made columns with same colour groups.

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