Malaysian Community Personality Guide #9: reinertlee and His Horizon Perfekt

With our wide variety of Lomographic cameras, let’s check out which one draws the most attention and love from our selected Malaysian community members! This time, reinertlee, an art director and a very passionate lomographer from Malaysia, shares with us his Lomographic journey with his favorite camera, along with a selection of his favorite shots.

Photo by reinertlee

Name: Reinert Lee Chen Wei
Age: 28
Occupation: Art Director
Location: Klang
Lomohome: reinertlee

Tell us something about yourself.
Just like everyone else, I am just an ordinary people who has been told to become a scientist instead of artist. But this time I wish to become a full time tourist!

How many Lomographic cameras do you have in your collection?
I lost my LC-A+ a few months ago, so I’m now left with six (6) cameras.

Since you are a film camera fanatic, why is the Horizon Perfekt your favorite among all your cameras?
Besides the LC-A, the Horizon Perfekt is my all-time favorite camera. I personally like panoramic photography very much. I still remember the time I was trying very hard to earn and save some piggies especially for this this camera. It is expensive for what it’s worth. I have no worries when taking a group photo with this camera. Everyone can jump, show patterns, and run from here to there as the lens swings, because it has slow shutter speed. Also, it’s wide enough to fit in a frame.

Furthermore, it will also prove that the Earth is round! I had shared a tip called, The Earth is Round with The Horizon previously here on Lomography website.

Photo by reinertlee

Describe the Horizon Perfekt in 5 words.
“Wait, your fingers are blocking!” (Do not to block the swing lens with your fingers).

Which of your own Lomographic shots taken by Horizon Perfekt is your favorite and why?
This photo was taken in Hanoi, Vietnam. Before that, the street was just normal and slow. Few minutes later, we saw a group of cyclists that were rushing into the street from the other side. We were shocked to see the street suddenly fulfilled with motorcycles and trishaws. Is that because they were just finished with work and were going back home? Some tourists also joined in the event.

Photo by reinertlee

The Horizon Perfekt shoots images the length of two standard frames. With full aperture and shutter settings, this premium panoramic camera gives you total control over your shots. Prepare to be blown away by the amazing Horizon Perfekt, available here.

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