The Long Fall Project

Tom and Melissa’s adventures continue as they go through the long haul towards fall.

Sometimes in the fall, fall, fall, fall
There’ll be nothing to keep you far from me
Before I am long, long, long gone
There’ll be nothing to keep me away
And it goes on and on and on, it’s everlasting
It’s always the same when you’re next to me
Sometimes in the fall, fall, fall, fall
There’ll be nothing to keep me away
- Sometimes in the Fall by Phoenix

Fall is a season of happy hustle and bustle, when the world wakes up after the somnolent summer. You feel the electric charge of it here in Boston with our many colleges and universities. The streets, so tranquil in August, swell with students wearing box-fresh backpacks and Converse. They look young and lost. It makes Tom and I nostalgic, thinking back to when September meant new beginnings and the promise of becoming a better, smarter you.

Even now, with student days long behind us, fall fills us with energy and optimism. It was a beautiful fall here in New England. The days were warm, mild and speckled with sunshine. The leaves turned color slowly and clung to tree branches well into November. For weeks the world was painted orange, yellow and red. When I think back to this fall, I’ll forever see an auburn glow.

It was a busy fall, with lots of new projects. In November, we had a video assignment that took us to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. It’s an amazing county and we took so much inspiration from the places we explored, the culture we encountered, the incredible people we met and the food we ate— and we ate a lot of it.

Closer to home, it was a nice season for snuggling in bed while reading all the artsy sections of The New York Times on Sunday mornings; for taking the dog—and each other— on long, meandering afternoon walks; and ending the weekends with big bowls of soup and classic movies.

Now it’s onwards to winter. But we’ll miss the fall, fall, fall.

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