Quickie Tipster: Negative Flower Mask


This tipster is inspired by another tipster, Double Film in a Camera. However, I decided to change some of the tips on that tipster to come up with my own.

The article “Double Film in a Camera?” was the inspiration for this tipster that I made. The only thing I did differently than the other article, (please take a look) was that instead of using an unexposed, developed negative I used a negative of the photo above.

You’ll find that some of the results (in my opinion) are really fantastic! If you are looking for a new way to experience Lomography (or not), I highly recommend you give this a try. But if you do try to do this, use a simple picture, like a flower or a bird. And make sure there is enough light in every shot.

written by poochfan on 2011-12-14 #gear #tutorials #weird #camera #mask #tipster #diana #quickie-tipster #effects #camera-modification


  1. ginny
    ginny ·

    Your photos look really good when there's a lot of light! Really nice try!

  2. poochfan
    poochfan ·

    @ginny Thank you! It was my first try so not all of them turned out, but when they did, they were really cool looking.

  3. cameratalk
    cameratalk ·

    These photos are really neat! great idea.

  4. poochfan
    poochfan ·

    @cameratalk Thank you!

  5. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    Cool tipster!

  6. rancliffhasenza
    rancliffhasenza ·

    :) yeah! are these the results you got, after you tried my tipster www.lomography.com/magazine/tipster/2011/11/11/double-film-… ? :D

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