Santa Baby: My Childhood Christmas Memories of Me and Santa Claus

This is about Christmas time and those parties my parents made me attend as a child. My special moments with Santa were captured on film when I still believed Santa Claus was real.

I was a child once. And like every other child I knew, we all looked forward to that special time of year: Christmas. I could look at a calendar and count down the months, weeks, and days before Christmas came. I would behave and mind my manners hoping that my good behavior would score me some points with Santa.

Every Christmas party I attended with my family were documented. My mother would dress me up in some frilly dress that usually had a bow or bows attached to it. The parties we attended seemed endless the days leading up the grand event. I was paraded through my father’s company party or the parties held by friends of my parents. Christmas Eve was always reserved for the family party.

My parents would invite Santa to our party so that he could ask all of the overly excited children what it was that we wanted most for Christmas. I loved the time I was able to spend with Santa. The one-minute sit-down with Santa was magical. I had it in my head that I was in the presence of a magical being whom showered gifts on all of the children of the world. With his hearty laugh, jolly belly, soft beard and that twinkle in his eye, you felt special sitting in his lap. I remembered asking Santa for Barbie every year I saw him.

Come Christmas no barbie was to be found under the tree, only clothing or some other toys I was not all that enthusiastic about. I know I was not a well-behaved child and I truly believed that I had ended up on Santa’s Naughty List. I’m just glad I did not receive coal in my stocking.

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