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Have you ever dreamed to be a director? Would you like to record your movie in 35mm film? If you said yes to both, you should get yourself a LomoKino. It’s a product of Lomography which brings back the glorious moments of movie making using film!

LomoKino is the camera that can record movement or motion in 35mm film. Let’s us take a look at the history of the motion camera. The first machine patented in the United States that showed animated pictures or movies was a device called the “wheel of life” or “zoopraxiscope”. Patented in 1867 by William Lincoln, one would watch moving drawings or photographs through a slit in the zoopraxiscope. After that, a Frenchman Louis Le Prince design another motion camera circa 1888. The first motion camera that really worked was created by the famous inventor of the electric bulb, Thomas Edison.

As years went by, the technology of motion camera changed and improved. Innovations led to the famous motion camera, the Super 8, which used 16mm wide film. After the digital advancements invaded the industry, motion cameras that used film were no longer used and became forgotten.

Personally, I think the LomoKino is one of Lomography’s best products. I love stop motion animation upon completing my final project in animation. The lightweight body allows everyone to carry it around without any problem. The body is full plastic. as well as the lens. Although some of you might ask, “how can one produce a good picture with plastic lens?” Just stick to Rule No. 10 and don’t worry about any rules. A good movie is not always because of the technology, but the storyline and the cinematography.

As mentioned in the microsite, the LomoKino is the root of movie-making, and to use it is as easy as ABC and as simple as 123. Just load the film (for a best results, use film with ISO 400). Rotate the crank as you wish, if you want to have a smooth motion. Rotate it fast and keep the speed constant. If you like to have a stop motion animation effect, control the speed of your rotation. There is also a viewfinder if you wish to have a good composition. A tripod screw is also provided for attaching a tripod to reduce shake.

To get a good storyline, you must plan a storyboard. I recorded my video with my twin little brothers. The video is about our passion for the FIFA 12 games. So we decided to make a short movie about the football training in our hometown. I used only one film to record this video. Take a look at some some pictures below:

For the post-processing and editing, I used Windows Movie Maker. I also included a background music so the video won’t be too mundane and monotonous.

Here is the final result:

Remember, it’s not easy to create a movie, you just need patience from the beginning up to the end. Believe me, the patience is worth it after your short movie is completed!

Sources used for this review are Inventors on About.com and Movie Camera on Wikipedia, and Thomas Edison on Wikipedia.

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