Searching for Urban Typographies

It began at a workshop in the Tenerife Design Festival last year. It was called “Typogracphic Safari.” You had to scour the whole village of Garachico (in the north of the island) looking for letters to shoot them. But they couldn’t be letters written in posters or signs; you had to look for objects or compositions that form letters.

I used my Fisheye camera and I was very pleased with the results (and I have taken advantage of them in several LomoWalls). The only problem I had with the wide-angle camera was that I could only take photos of elements that are very close to me and at the same height.

Obviously, I only got very few letters of the whole alphabet. But, I really want to complete it and I keep trying to do it. I always carry my Fisheye camera at lomowalks to try to shoot a new letter in the street.

There are some letters easier to find. To get the “O”, you only have to find something circular or a square-like frame.


Signs and lines are grateful for this, on the road or on the pitch, for example.


And houses walls with stones are very interesting.


You can also use railings and lattice of houses.

M, G, X

But you can see any letter in any place and any time.


I am sure you can think of letters that are impossible to find, like the letter “R”. But I have seen some street lamps that look very similar. I only need to get closer to them to can get a good shot. Perhaps, from a high window.

So, do you fancy going on a typography safari with me?

Read more about the Tenerife Design Festival.

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