Diana + 35mm Back Headless Shots? Not Anymore!


Got a Diana and a 35mm back but keep ending up with your favourite grandma’s head in half? Here’s a quick tip to fix that.

Ever since I got the 35mm Instant Back for my Diana, I’ve never been happier to shoot a whole lot more and without having to worry about the number of exposures I’m wasting. Just ‘click click click’ away… And also having sprockets was really cool.

However, sliced up and headless shots did not make me excited anymore. The Diana has been built to hold 120 film and if you use 35mm film, your viewfinder is not accurate anymore as 35mm film is half the size of 120 film. Therefore your shots are sliced and diced.

Okay, enough with the chit chat. How did I overcome it? I replaced the Diana normal lens and used the Fisheye Lens so that the tiny-weeny exposure frame is maxed out like a regular medium format film. But, you have to use the normal viewfinder not the Fisheye viewfinder as it would be less accurate.

Diana + 35mm Back + Fisheye LensFisheye Viewfinder = Perfect framimg.

Tip: This tipster is for 35mm shots with or without sprocket holes, panoramic or non-panaromic on the 35mm back. Happy shooting!

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  1. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    Nice! Thats a cool tip. shall have to try it next film I put in my 35mm back ;)

  2. maymosciaro
    maymosciaro ·

    cool tip!
    i gave up my Diana because of problems like this!!

  3. yernieyip
    yernieyip ·

    Wait, i don't get it.. so if you use the fisheye lens on the 35mm back, you won't get a 180 degrees photo? :(

  4. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    @yernieyip If you wanna get that "fisheye look" it's best if you use 120 film on your Diana.

  5. jacob-siau
    jacob-siau ·

    great tips!!

  6. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    thats a superb tipster! :) i had the same problems to at beginnig ;D

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