An Introduction: Alia’s Just Another LomoArch Series


Liliana de Sousa, aka alia, hails from Amsterdam and is one of Lomography Magazine’s new regular writers. Know more about her upcoming series, featuring her love for analogue photography and hiking in the cold, after the break.

Credits: -alia-

Name: Liliana de Sousa
Location: Amsterdam
LomoHome: -alia-
Series/Section: Just Another LomoArch on Analogue Lifestyle

“I’ve been drawing since I was a child, I’ve been writing since I was a teen and I’ve been lomographing since I’m an… adult?! I grew up with analogue cameras but, as most of you, I fell in love with photography with digital, far from knowing that it was just an infatuation and that after I would be finding true love. This story started with the Fisheye One but the real click happened several years latter with my beloved Diana F+. The square format made me surrender, simple as that. Besides all this, as you may guess, I’m an architect. I’m also from Portugal but since I finished my degree I started this global path pursuing a continuous learning, absorbing new cultures and their particular architectures. Through Lomography, I see colours, perspectives, and details with more intensity. It allows me to play with creativity while distorting the inert reality.

Credits: -alia-

The following series will make part of the Analogue Lifestyle section and will approach architecture in Lomography. The same way that architecture is art also Lomography is, for sure you agree. Therefore, I’ll write about the interesting connection between these 2 creative areas and most important, some fellow Lomographers will give their own input. Certainly, many of you already bumped with Lomographers that are architects in “real life.” Well, every time that it happens to me I always wonder which one of the next two hypotheses each of them relate with:

  • 1st – they like Lomography because both Architecture and Lomography are forms of Art and both belong to the artistic world;
  • 2nd – it’s an escape from an art, Architecture, that is not always as creative as it looks, to the 100% creative art, Lomography.

These series will consist in a full hand of questions, every month, approaching Architecture through Lomographers’ visions and lomographs.

So, LomoArchs out there, be ready because the next sharing can be yours! If that’s not the case and you want to be part of this don’t hesitate and drop me a message however, be prepared for an intimate enquiry about your relationship with LomoArch!

Ending, I leave you with some of my own LomoArch, enjoy!" (words by -alia-)

Credits: -alia-

The international Magazine team of Lomography is currently looking for dedicated writers who are interested in contributing articles (to any section) on a regular basis. Eager and interested? Read this call-out article and we’ll be waiting for your emails!

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Nice, I can't wait! And that's not @-alia- lomohome!

  2. darrenlow
    darrenlow ·

    2nd hypothesis !!

  3. qrro
    qrro ·

    AHA!!!! i cant wait either, this is going to be very interesting, nice idea @-alia- ;)

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