Double feature! Two great workshops in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam

Sunday, December the 4th was a special day – two separate workshops at the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam in one afternoon: Introduction to Lomography with La Sardina (13-15h) and afterwards a Diana workshop (15.30-17.30h).

Both workshops included an introduction to Lomography, a short history, the ten golden rules, camera and film basics and tips and tricks. We talked about the specifications of the cameras and loaded them with Lomography CN 400 filmLa Sardina of course with the 35mm version and the Dianas with 120 films. Ehud and Stephan also introduced different techniques for the two cameras.
Afterwards the participants went out to shoot their roll of film. Nine people joined the La Sardina Introduction and 21 listened to our Diana Workshop.

Do you want to join a workshop? Please have a look at the event calendar or the event section in the dutch magazine and sign up!

Check these pictures taken by the CREW members:

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