Cosy Cabin, My Favorite Location for a Christmas Vacation

My most favorite thing to do for a Christmas vacation is to leave Reykjavik and spend some time in a cabin. Nature, lovely company, great food, board games, and my camera…this is the best combination for a great vacation!

Luckily there are hundreds and hundreds of cabins or so-called summerhouses in Iceland. It’s not a problem to rent one. The rent isn’t expensive and if you share it with your friends it’s actually really cheap. The cabins are equipped very well. It is normal to find a dishwasher and a jacuzzi or sometimes even an internet connection there.

Usually cabins are situated in beautiful places near lakes or surrounded by mountains. Last year we spent our vacation in a tiny cabin located in Svínadalur. It was extremely cold and windy, so we stayed indoors most of the time – safe and cozy.

I really hope that we’ll be able to go to the cabin this year again. It’s a great way to relax and spend some time with the ones you love. Actually, it is the most popular way to spend a weekend vacation in Iceland and I certainly understand why.

written by lighthouse_keeperess on 2011-12-12 #places #location #escape-from-the-city #holidays-christmas-iceland-nature-cabin-summerhouse-winter-vacation

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