The 50 Most Magical Photos!


Some of these photos were sought out, some were serendipitous findings. They are all ethereal, mystical, magical, and one more splendid than the next! So take a gander, or gaze in amazement, at the selection of pixie dust enhanced pictures!

Credits: warning, jennson, bongofury, september_kou, daforl, natalieerachel, lazybuddha & buckshot

Awesome Animals
When you see a lion’s face in the sky you might think of Mufasa from the Lion King. After looking at this gallery of awesome animals you’ll have another airborne, majestic mane to refer to!

From felines to birds of prey, with a dash of flying pig, these images portray, not just animals, but sayings such as “when pigs will fly”. Some are surrealist, such as the cat with a two headed shadow, and others fairytale like, such as the pig and rabbit crawling through the forest.

What’s standard is that each and every one is fantastical.

Credits: kylethefrench, carlasep, blueliv, natalieerachel, star-pixie, ethermoon, kylewis, pith, afd_lsi & espresso-dove

Bewitching Beings

Camera effects have something to do with the entrancement experienced from these photos of and by beautiful beings (save maybe the last one which isn’t of a true being in the first place).

The floating orb crowd, the hollow man, and the silhouette of the dancing septet that’s very reminiscent of the final scene of The Seventh Seal in which the characters dance the Dance of Death (our guess is this isn’t what our pictured Lomographers are dancing), all feature elements of the supernatural.

Although you don’t see the faces of some of these bewitching beings, you know their expressions are likely enchanting (perhaps even too enchanting for our photographers to have dared to capture them on film!)

Credits: aderlass, jameshuffman85, disdis, clickiemcpete, dfred, stouf & eskimofriend

Tantalizing Trees

Barren, lonely, adorned, painted, lush, towering, upward reaching, shadow casting, building masking. These are some descriptions of the tantalizing trees seen above!

Of all seasons, and distances, aimed and shot with or without reason, these captivating creations take the imagination on a stroll through the enchanted woods, pictured in the last photo shown in the gallery.

Credits: jbeischer, novakmisi, kylethefrench, mollyxu, paramir, anarchy, vicuna & neja

Splendid Structures

In the words of Architect Frank Lloyd Wright: “Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun.”

Divine buildings are painted vine-green, and as a friend of mine once said, buildings with so much flora growing on them are wonderful as they appear to be going back to the Earth and can be appreciated as both as functional spaces and growing organisms.

Doubles, double the fun, double the length of time spent soaking in the sights. A photo of a grand structure often draws a “wow” out of its viewer, but when there are two images in one photograph (achieved by a double exposure) you can bet on another double…a double “wow”! You can read about the art of the Double Exposure, and on how-to tips, here!

Credits: jennson, tracyvmoore, flyaway, blueskyandhardrock & kleeblatt

Wondrous Wilderness

You know a photo is magical when it shows you the purest of pure white snow through inference! What we mean by this is, as seen in the first photo in the gallery directly above, the shocking-pink coloring and contrast with the dark, snowless, mountain peak, alludes to the original white seen when not wearing rose-colored glasses.

A variety of topographies are featured here. The desert has never looked more alluring, and long exposures of the night sky result in star trails. And from the vastness of nature we end with a closeup of a delicate flower, which leads one to wonder if Thumbelina was sleeping inside it.

For a tipster on how to add that magical touch to your next batch of photographs, read:
Astrophotography: The Easy Way!

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