Portugal. The Man in Amsterdam

There they are again: “Portugal. The Man” from Alaska. They hit Amsterdam on November 24th and dropped by the Lomography Gallery Store. The also rocked the evening in Bitterzoet. The Lomo LC-Wide is loaded with Fuji Neopan 1600, so here we go!

Credits: mrmaart

After a short Twitter conversation they instantly appeared in front of our Lomography Gallery Store AmsterdamZach and John of Portugal. The Man. We had a beer and did a quick tour around “the house”. They were blown away. Mostly, because of the bathroom. “Did you seriously load the tube with ice and vodka at the opening party?” Yes, we had to keep our booze cold somewhere!

Before leaving the store, they invited all the Lomography crew to drop by the show that night at Bitterzoet. So a few hours later, we were all ready for the gig with a beer in one hand and a camera in the other. And the show, it was amazing! They played a lot of new tracks from their latest record In the Mountain, in the Cloud.

Funny detail of the evening: at the end of each show, Zach always shoots a picture of the crowd, and also during the evening in Bitterzoet. There’s enough reason to capture him with his camera too. It’s nice to show the contrast between digital and analogue photography. Curious? Check this out:

Zach’s photo, see the LC-Wide in the middle? That’s me!
This is the photo from my perspective

OK, clear enough: The Future is Analogue!

Check out all the other photos here:

Credits: mrmaart

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translated by mrmaart

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