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The almost 4 week long lead up to Christmas Day is known as Advent and is marked by Advent Calendars, which are either handmade or bought at supermarkets, and almost always contain chocolate! Discover the origins of this popular tradition and what ‘used to’ lie behind the card doors!

Another tradition gone awry! Though when you think about it, traditions mutate, shift courses, and become traditions in their own right, all the time!

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Most know the history of the celebration of Christmas, and that it’s origins are rooted in Christianity.Therefore, based on this knowledge, if you haven’t yet looked up the history of Advent, you may arrive at the conclusion that it also sprung out of the Christian tradition of commemorating Jesus’ birth.

Yes, this annual event is celebrated by many, many people, regardless of religion or non-religion!

Lomography commemorates Advent in its own special way, with our Advent Calendar! You can see all past offers here as well as the day’s prize on the Lomography homepage.

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And it’s lucky number 8 today! So check out what Lomography has in store, behind this trapdoor!

The Advent Calendar has its own history which, on the other hand, is something you may not know have known about! The mid-1800s saw the ‘advent’ of the Advent Calendar. Originally, 24 candles were lit, one each day as a way of counting down to the December 25. When ‘paper’ became more readily available, the now standard, card box with miniature cut-out doors was introduced. Though, what is found behind these doors has changed from verses, telling of the nativity of Jesus, to goodies such as edible treats or small toys!

This TIME article provided us with some of the facts and figures found here.

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