Vintage Christmas Ads: Food and Drinks

Roughly two weeks into December, many of us have started to get busy preparing for Christmas. By now, all sorts of advertisements have changed their themes and colors to match the cheery season. Why don’t we take a look at some interesting vintage Christmas ads, starting off with food and drinks!

Christmas is a season that many people around the world are looking forward to, for many reasons. It’s a colorful, cheerful, and festive season characterized by gift-giving, and of course, sumptuous Christmas feasts! Through the years, various food brands and companies have been keen on matching their promotions with the festive mood, peppering magazines, newspapers, billboards, and television with colorful, lively, and persuasive advertisements.

Vintage Christmas ads in particular remain eye-catching and fascinating to this day. It’s amazing how much detail went into creating these ads, making them works of art and history rather than plain promotional materials. Unlike today’s advertisements, the vintage ones were mostly done by hand, by skilled artists who painstakingly drew and painted most of the portions of the materials. The taglines and descriptions are noticeably different too—I find them more detailed, witty, and persuasive compared to the ones done today.

This selection of mouth-watering food ads has got to be my favorite! I found myself drooling over scrumptious hams, meat dishes, pies, and even soup! I don’t know about you, but these alone were enough to make me look forward to hearty Christmas dinners even more!

Chocolates and Candies
Sweets may be popular during Halloween, but among the young and the young at heart, they’re irresistible all year round! Chocolates and candies do not only make great desserts and snacks after a hearty Christmas dinner, they are also popular gift items, especially for the kids and the ladies! These delicious vintage advertisements prove this. Sweets for my sweet!

To complement the sumptuous Christmas dishes, there are many refreshing drinks to choose from! I’m content with having soda of any variant to go with my Christmas dinner, and I also like having a warm cup of delicious coffee early in the Christmas morning! I don’t usually find many eye-catching advertisements of drinks, so when I spotted some vintage Christmas-themes ones, I knew I just had to share them in time for the Yuletide season!

Wine and Liquor
Wine and liquor of all kinds never go missing in special occasions, more so during Christmas dinners! They make great gifts, whether you’re visiting friends or relatives for Christmas, or looking for something to give your seemingly finicky boss!

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All photos were taken from Vintage Christmas Ads by Jon Williamson on Flickr and Christmas Yule Blog.

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