Races & Beers! Photos from Milan's Bicycle Film Festival

Back in fall, the Bicycle Film Festival returned to Milan for screenings related to bikes. Races and a big party followed. Here are photos of the festivities plus the Alleycat prize giving where lucky bikers won a LomoKino, Spinner 360 and Fisheye One!

The race bikes

Saturday afternoon’s schedule included an Alleycat with tough check-points including drinking up some huge glasses of pure alcohol with sugar and cinnamon or taking off one’s shoes at 3°c in the mud.

Dodgy individuals at the Bicycle Film Festival

The winners took home a LomoKino , a Spinner 360° and a Fisheye One Red!


The closing party was held at NABA. These photos are worth a thousand words

Party @ NABA
Dylan McKay
Hello, Sly? Yes I’m here for Expendables II? What do you need me to do? Oh, be Terry Crewes’ punching ball…

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translated by webo29

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