Presbítero Maestro Cementery

Luxurious, impressive, and a bit sinister are some adjectives that could describe although not enough to fully express the magnificence of this cemetery. Since 1808, it has been playing host to the remains of the most important political figures, war heroes, and famous artists of Peru.

Presbítero Maestro was the first cemetery in Lima. Before this, people buried their loved ones in the atria, crypts, and catacombs found in churches.

This cemetery was opened in 1808. It was a rather ostentatious proposal made by the former Lima society, where political figures, war heroes, and renowned artists had the opportunity, along with the wealthiest families in the city, to acquire the most luxurious mausoleums made out of marble, accompanied by beautiful sculptures of angels, saints, and souls that creates a vision of an earthly paradise inspired by neoclassical style.

This is not only an artistic and historical gem, it also upholds folk traditions like “El niño Ricardito”, Ricardo Spiell died when he was 7 years old and his father made a statue in his honor. No one knows what brought about the myth of his holiness, but people leave letters or toys in gratitude for the requests that have already been granted or just to pray for a miracle.

This is just one of the stories that you can find here and surely you will be able to find more stories created about this old and spooky graveyard.

If you have the chance, you have to see and experience this exquisite spot for your own Lomographic eye.

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