The Desaturated Santa is Coming to Town!


What better way to stand out than by wearing a gray outfit and walking into one of the largest congregation of Santas! Well, actually, there is a better way, and that’s walking into a mass of red and white as the ‘Desaturated Santa’!

Photos via My Modern Met

Did Santa fall down a particularly dirty chimney? No, the colors, or lack there of, are much too perfect!

The brain child of blogger BrodyQat, otherwise known as Brody, Desaturated Santa debuted in 2009. Though the monochromatic look is not growing in terms of color, it sure is growing in popularity! In response to requests for now to achieve the look, its creator has shared a ‘how to’ on achieving this look which, she warns, isn’t easy.

How to become a Desaturated Santa

You’ll need:

  • Determination
  • A gray wig
  • A gray Santa suit
  • Gray contact lenses if your eyes aren’t black
  • Gray eyeliner
  • Gray body paint
  • Fixative spray for body paint

The first item on the list is essential! After than, all else will follow. What’s imperative in piecing all the items in your outfit together is to make sure all the shades of gray match, and we mean they should be identical! It’s also important to be OK with having your exposed face and neck covered in body paint for a longer period of time, and spraying yourself with a fixative for body paint! Imagine yourself to be a performer, like the ‘living statue’ mimes you see in the streets, often painted in silver or gold. You’ll definitely gain attention and recognition if you are looking for it!

It seems like a lot, but in the words of Brody, in her own how-to guide, “it’s a costume type that requires perfect color matching and 100% attention to detail” which can only be achieved by going the lengths and putting in the effort!

The grayscale coloring of figures in ambrotype photographs cause us to believe the original Desaturated Santa must have stepped out of one of these photos and into this, almost ‘overly saturated’, age.

Join us in taking a new look at the world, this Christmastime, in monochrome, by testing out this outfit which we were inspired to share with you after seeing this Laughing Squid article. And while you are at it, we suggest taking photos using both B&W film and vibrant, color film to highlight the contrast.

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Interesting. Great idea.

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Very Creative :D

  3. brodyqat
    brodyqat ·

    The original Desaturated Santa is NOT coming to town this year, but hopefully someone will have been inspired to undertake the huge, pain-in-the-ass effort of creating an imitation costume! 2 years of doing this was enough for me, ha. Nice article! :-)
    -Desaturated Santa

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