The LomoKino Showreel Rumble!


As the title says, for sure there’s no need for any further introductions on this one, so better have your best LomoKino movies with you and be prepared as this will be the first LomoKino festival of its kind!

If you’ve been playing with that lovely movie-making machine called the LomoKino, by now you must’ve already collected a heap full of those short but sweet analogue videos and enjoyed how they move in loop! But have you ever wondered if only that movie you did would not only be limited thru the confines of online streaming and would reach a lot more of viewers instead? Well, now is your chance!

We’re looking for that one of a kind LomoKino movie that would re-define and change the face of cinema! So what does a Lomo filmmaker do in this rumble? Simple – link your video in the comments area so we, at the Community, can view your awesome LomoKino movie! But be sure to keep that movie file because if your work is chosen, you’ll get 10 shiny piggys and a chance to premiere your precious LomoKino video in our website, newsletters, and Gallery stores! This is your chance to be a worldwide phenomena!

Unleash the storyteller in you!


  • Upon submitting your videos, you agree to give us the rights to have parts of their video shown in our website communication, Lomography Gallery and Retail Stores
  • The videos need to be either 1920px or 1280px wide
  • If your video is chosen, you will need to send the video file to us. A soft copy of your showreel is advised.

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  1. thecheekyscamp
    thecheekyscamp ·

    oooh i'm first! (to post)

  2. reneg88
  3. mephisto19
  4. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    Here's my submission!!!!…

  5. bonzone
    bonzone ·

    The Best Lomokino's Production!!! :D…

  6. angelhaken
  7. opal
  8. stouf
  9. davekupferberg
  10. davekupferberg
  11. davekupferberg
    davekupferberg ·

    links not working for me for some reason, sorry.

  12. jimmyhido
  13. gocchin
  14. andydreads
    andydreads ·

    Hey There Lomo!
    This short is of me riding my bmx bike down an overgrown alleyway into the morning.
    Enjoy my no hands ride :-)


  15. sunnycyl
  16. frauspatzi
  17. stephenjameskerr
  18. kylewis

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