Malaysian Community Personality Guide #6: evon_t and Her La Sardina


With our wide variety of Lomographic cameras, let’s check out which one draws the most attention and love from our selected Malaysian community members! This time, evon_t – a model from Malaysia – shares with us her Lomographic journey with her favorite camera in relation to her personality, along with a selection of her favorite shots.

Photo by evon_t

Name: Evon T
Age: 25
Occupation: Model
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Lomohome: evon_t

Tell us something about yourself.
Someone who is in love and at the same time feeling insecured with the contradictions in her. A wild child who is constantly exploring every possibilities in her own.

How many Lomographic cameras do you have in your collection?
7 cameras. Blackbird Fly, Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim, Lomography Colorsplash, La Sardina, Sprocket Rocket, Diana mini and a toy camera which is designed like a soft drink can.

Since you are a film camera fanatic, why La Sardina is your favorite among all?
Being a typical girl, a cute looking camera like La Sardina definitely make me fall for her at the very first sight, and being a practical me, La Sardina is a complete sweetheart for you to capture all the beautiful moments in life. And I love how much attention she can draw whenever i take it out too ;)

Photo by evon_t

Describe the La Sardina in 5 words.
Versatile, Adorable, Delicious, Gem, Cheeky

Which of your own Lomographic shot taken by La Sardina is your favorite and why?
It’s the self portrait of mine taken in front of a old mirror. I was at this old house in a small village celebrating this year birthday. It was a new experience for me because i am so much of a city girl and it was so nice of my best friend’s grandparents letting us stay over at their place. Looking at this photo reminds me of the sweet memories and i guess that is why i like it so much .

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