Bombay Bicycle Club on Tour With the LC-A+


Bombay Bicycle Club have been described by NME as ‘…the hottest band to come from North London for quite some time’. They’ve played V Festival, Reading and Leeds and been nominated for an Ivor Novello Award for their album Flaws. Bassist Ed just happens to be a keen analogue photographer, so he shared some snaps of life on tour with us….

Name: Ed
Age: 21
City: London, UK

Tell us a bit about yourself
I play bass in Bombay Bicycle Club. I spend half my time living with my mum in London the other half living on a bus.

How did Bombay Bicycle Club get born?
Bombay Bicycle Club was formed for a school music assembly in 2005. We played a Tom Vek cover and a meters cover.

What are the best bits of being a rock god?
I’m afraid i wouldn’t know. You would have to ask a rock god that question. I can ask Suren, our drummer, if you guys want?

Your photos are all from your recent tour, did you have fun?
I loved it. I always take photos on tour for my own collection. It was great to know that my photos would go to good use.

Any gossip or tales of backstage debauchery you can share with us?
Once I drank two cans of Red Bull! So hardcore!

Did you enjoy documenting your adventures on the LC-A+?
Yeah. It was great to try out a rangefinder on tour. I normally use a Yashica T4, it was a very different experience.

How long have you been a lomographer or are you new to this whole thing?
I got a Fisheye a few years ago… And I have used Holgas in the past.

How did the crowd react when you whipped out your analogue baby in front of them?
Better than when we played always like this!

In a movie of Bombay Bicycle Club’s story, who would play each member of the band?
Jamie – Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jack – Nicolas Cage
Ed – Danny Devito
Suren – Samuel L. Jackson

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  1. zonderbar
    zonderbar ·

    So cool!

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Great, love their music!

  3. mrmaart
    mrmaart ·

    ge-wel-dig !

  4. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    watched them perform recently in Singapore. Cool indies, cool music.

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