First Impressions: Meet tamarrawr!

The anticipated First Impressions series begins with insights from our newest members, among them tamarrawr from Jakarta, Indonesia! Read about her analogue firsts after the jump!

In this brand-new series, we’re going to take look back at some of our analogue firsts—first lessons, first challenges, first frustrations, and first successes with shooting film. Therefore, it’s only proper to begin the series with insights from our newest members, while they can still vividly recall their first impressions on analogue photography and Lomography!

Meet *tamarrawr* from Jakarta, Indonesia, two months young into the Lomography community. As with many of us, it all started with the sighting of one camera. For her, it was the Fisheye.

“My friend had a Fisheye camera and I thought that its shape is very cute. When I found out it can really capture pictures, I thought it was awesome! So, I browsed the Internet for more information, and found the awesome world of Lomography.”

With this discovery, she decided to buy her own analogue cameras, the first of them being a Purple Octopus camera and a Holga 135BC. Like everyone else, _tamarrawr_’s very first photos weren’t all eye-catching, leading her to identify her first best shots from her least favorites.

“For my very first favorite photos, I like them because some of them tell a story, or have nice colors.”

“As for my first least liked photos, I find them to be blurry, and not really great shots overall.”

Film photography is not at all easy and challenge-free, and it’s usually the first obstacles that make or break our analogue experience. “Well, I didn’t know that we have to use a flash for indoors and nighttime,” tamarrawr shares on her first difficulties with shooting film. “So, the first time I tried shooting, there were only only 6 out of 36 photos that turned out well!” Obviously, she saw this as a learning experience rather than a reason to quit analogue photography altogether!

With these first loves and first failures come the first lessons that help every Lomographer become better at taking photos. Some of us even learn something that becomes a valuable skill for creating the best photos. Our newbie here says that she learned to “shoot without a preview, make every shot the best, and expect less.”

At some point in our analogue addiction, we begin experimenting and learning the ropes on our own. Tamarrawr here tried her hand at multiple exposures at night. “It wasn’t successful at all because I didn’t have a flash,” she says. “But when I tried it during daytime, it was successful!”

Does she have any words of advice for those who want to shoot film for the first time?

“For newbies like me, don’t be afraid of experimenting, and don’t be greedy on films, it will be worth it for your future Lomography experience!”

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