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Photographer Max de Esteban has received numerous international awards for several of his works. His projects are divided in two categories – Propositions and Elegies of Manumission. Let’s take a look at one of his projects after the break.

Photo © Max de Esteban via Amusing Planet

Max de Esteban is a photographer based in Barcelona. His projects typically veer on socio-political issues as well as contemporary art and his passion shows through the work that he does.

For one of his projects, Max de Esteban decided to work on various technologies and try to depict them as x-ray photographs of the objects. For the series, he worked on radios, film projectors, film cameras, record players, typewriters and more. He disassembled the objects and painted them white. He then took photos of the devices as he assembled them back together. The resulting photograph is a combination of all the layers of photos that he took during the reconstruction and they turned out like x-ray photographs of the devices.

The photos can be compared to taxidermy. Through the photos, we can see the inner workings of the devices that we never would have seen otherwise. For Max de Esteban, the photos that resulted from the project are symbols of decay. Most of the items that he worked with are rarely being used today and this takes us back to a time when the technology we have today wasn’t available yet.

Here are some of the photos from his Proposition One project:

Photos © Max de Esteban via Amusing Planet

Information for this article was taken from Max Photos and Wikipedia - Max de Esteban.

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