The 50 Loudest Photos of All Time!


We bring to you, 50 of the photos that screamed out at us, that pierced our auditory system from beyond the computer screen! From a baby’s scream to noise concerts, brace yourself, turn down any music that you have playing, and have ear plugs handy as you read on after the jump!

Credits: lolfox, jillpossible, natalieerachel, t0m7, aprilrich427, ihaveagiantrobot, jorgesato, tsuwolf & allswelll

Scream, Shriek, Roar!
A baby cries, only to laugh moments later. Both are piercing sounds that contain the most genuine of emotions. We scream to let off steam, to expel what’s been building up inside, whether it be positive or negative, in response to relief or suppression. Into our pillows or underwater, we find spaces and places where we can be as loud as we want, where no one will raise an eyebrow or burst an eardrum. Sometimes we roar in unison with our peers. Sometimes we shriek on the inside, the expression in our eyes the only telltale sign.

Whatever it is, when directed towards a lens, all is captured. Your image as well as the ‘above and beyond’ sound you omit.

Credits: lolfox, annekoning, bulletofmine, maria_vlachou, icomewhenieatcaponata, sebastianerras, egos, susielomovitz, jorgesato & rav_bunneh

Large Crowds
Planned or incidental, loud noises are generated at large gatherings. Whispers are sucked into the sea of voices that encompass and the lone observer from a balcony high above hears something similar to waves crashing on rocks. This can be calming or arouse strong emotion depending on the circumstances surrounding the gathering. When you are in them, you can sense the vibes and sentiment immediately, distinguishing between protests and parades, demonstrations and dances, though when viewing these photos it may be difficult to place them in any given setting.

Credits: maxwellmaxen, ilovemydiana, kylewis, ikarlee, superlighter, scootiepye, norap, spoeker & pushkar

A Celebration of Lights
In this busy world, sound usually accompanies lights. Whether it be from automobiles, on which lights are attached, or the whirring and booms from fireworks, and other pyrotechnics generally used in celebrations such as the new year, the noises are ones that generate exhilaration. We differentiate between busy street scenes observed from afar, when the roads appear painted by the lights speeding by and the sounds heard are muted, and the noise pollution that comes with traffic during rush hours, particularly if you are stuck in it!

Credits: kleeblatt, lolfox, zoe191, 007-0815-styler, socosoco, matthewstrong, tfrancis, unknownsoldier & tsjort

Cool the Engines
Vroom, vroom! Motorcycles, jet engines, old motor boats, cars that hum, have clogged exhaust pipes or old mufflers. We are amazed at how close the photographers of these photos got! Have you ever lain on top of your car, like in the movies, and watch an airplane take off or land right over you? We hope you were wearing ear protectors!

Credits: wil6ka, atreyuthechild, liquidpapercut, the_lauris, nikimales, emilios, sibu_sen & sebastianerras

Music to My Ears
Let’s just hope they don’t bleed! This isn’t to say what’s being streamed through these photos is ‘bad’ music, but instead ‘loud’ music at extremely high volumes! When loud, blaring noise meets a small space, what you get is even more loud noise, coming from people trying to engage in conversation! No doubt, the chaos is sought out and often very fun indeed!

We suggest taking a few paces back when looking/listening to these photos!

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