Shakespeare Garden with the LC-Wide

This is my best friend Brad. We went on an adventure to pick out the perfect place for him to propose to his girlfriend. It’s late August with an expired Ektachrome EPP.

Central Park is full of beauty but one of the best spots there is Shakespeare Garden, which is located just right off 79th Street on the West side. The park features a beautiful walk way with Shakespeare’s quotes to guide you along the way. There is also a play house where you can see truly great Shakespeareans put on their best performance.

The garden covers four acres of plants that change according to season. Included among these are plants such as rosemary and pansies, alluded to by Ophelia in Hamlet; thistle, mentioned in the play Much Ado About Nothing, and even a white mulberry tree that is said to have grown from a graft of a tree planted by Shakespeare himself in 1602. To aid you in your quest to identify the various species of plant life located within the space, bronze plaques with corresponding quotations from Shakespeare’s plays have been placed sporadically along the path. The garden is located near the Delacorte Theatre, the site of the annual “Shakespeare in the Park” series held in the summer.

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