Discovering a Historic World War II Site


Just a mere 50 meters from the entrance of Singapore Island Country Club at Bukit Location stands a relic from World War II, a lonely machine gun pillbox.

According to historical records, this pillbox was built by the British prior to 1941 as part of a defense network.

But you won’t find this on a tourist map. In fact, being located away from the main road, I will not be surprised if majority of Singaporeans are unaware of its existence.

Those in the know would most likely be the Singapore Island Country Club members and staff, previous and present residents staying along Sime Road, history buffs, and those attending golf championships and tournaments held at the club.

Even though this historical site is off the beaten track, there is evidence of recent visits with pieces of litter found inside the pillbox.

While you can’t see much through the gun slit now as the view is blocked by metal safety railings, you can still imagine the views it once commanded.

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