Malaysian Community Personality Guide #5: ripsta and His LC-A+


With our wide variety of Lomographic cameras, let’s check out which one draws the most attention and love from our selected Malaysian community members! This time, ripsta – our very famous Lomo Amigo who owns more than 15 Lomographic camera from Malaysia – share with us his Lomographic journey with his favorite camera in relation to his personality, along with a selection of his favorite shots.

Photo by ripsta

Name: Mohd Ariff Bin Haji Mat Said
Age: 29
Occupation: Clerk
Location: Ipoh, Perak
Lomohome: ripsta

Tell us something about yourself.
I’m a average guy who likes to imagine when I saw something, be it an object or subject by intuition, and so I wish the outcome would be genuine and sincere. That’s me. :)

How many Lomographic cameras do you have in your collection?
I have 15 Lomographic cameras and about 7 accessories.
Lomo LC-A+, Lomo LC-A, HOLGA 120, HOLGA 135, Diana F+, Diana mini, Fisheye 2, Pop9, Action Sampler Flash, SuperSampler, Colorsplash, Oktomat, Horizon Kompakt, and the latest is Lomo LC-Wide

Photo by ripsta

Since you are a film camera fanatic, why LC-A+ is your favorite among all?
LC-A+ is really easy to use and convenient to carry around. Small in size and LC-A+ to me it’s really a very unique camera. Besides that , LC-A+ have this MX (multiple exposure) which is really fun to use and expand our creativity! Besides, I really love adapting the wide angle lens on my LC-A+ because it can capture s scene in wider and different angle!

Photo by ripsta with wide angle lens

Describe the LC-A+ in 5 words.
Never get bored with LC-A+.

Which of your own Lomographic shot taken by LC-A+ is your favorite and why?
I really like this picture taken by LC-A+ because I think it is really romantic as well as love and affection element inside the picture.

Photo by ripsta

The Lomo LC-A+ RL has all the features we know and love, authentic Russian lens, and a back that’s now interchangeable with the Instant Back+. Explore analogue possibilities with the LC-A+ RL!

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  1. myvitaminx
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    @ripsta u are the starr!

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    yeahhhh, the boss

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    @ripsta : Congrats Lomo Star :)

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    Thanks Lomography Malaysia and Thank you very much @eva_eva for everthing : )

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    One of the most popular Malaysian lomographer! Kudos, Arip!

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    This man is the man who gives me inspiration~!! I love all your shots @rispta~!!!

  26. ripsta
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    @lakandula,salamat! You are one of the most popular Philippines lomographer to,i love all your double with different camera albums


    @zoe191 - hello zoe,how do you do?

    @weechonghooi - hai ah hoi...thanks,your shots are awesome ah hoi,baru perasan hang silap eja nama aku la...hahaha

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    @atria007,@sprofishgel,@zoe191 - Terima Kasih / Thanks for the comment : )

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    @meryl @mont0417 @wuxiong - Thanks : )
    @eastmoe - Thanks yo! Ipoh,Manjoi kejor yob kejor yoowww.....

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