Popular Christmas Markets in Europe Part 1

Looking for some Christmas cheer to brighten up your cold winter nights? Warm up with your holiday favorites and indulge in both traditional and modern Christmas treats with your loved ones by simply visiting a Christmas market! No matter which side of the world you may be in, you’re always bound to find one that conjures up fond memories of this festive holiday. This week, we put the spotlight on the different Christmas markets in Europe, read more about it after the jump.

Get ready to escape to a happy world filled with hot chocolate, sweet pastries, and lots and lots of gifts! Whether you’re in Leeds, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, or even Prague, a wonderful Christmas market is just waiting for you to pay it a visit – and photograph!

Popular to both tourists and locals, Christmas markets actually started in Germany many, many centuries ago. Traditionally, it will begin during the start of the Advent, which allows local folks an opportunity to celebrate the festive season together while enduring the long winter nights. It’s basically still the same today; however, given that it’s freezing cold and all, surely a trip to a Christmas market is enough to put you in the right mood?

If ever you’re from Europe, you’re going to Europe, or you’re dreaming about going to Europe, here’s part one of our list of popular European Christmas markets that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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During December, two of the Catalan capital’s Christmas markets are put up in front of the Cathedral as well as outside the popular tourist location, the Sagrada Família; as there are also weekly markets held in the area, those are also given a Christmas-y twist to be consistent with the current season. In short, you have plenty of options to get some holiday cheer, shop, and eat a lot. Make sure to check out the traditional nativity ornaments for sale.

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Starting from November 22 up to New Year’s Eve, expect to see a lot of wonderful Christmas markets being put up all over the city. Enticing guests with cups of hot cocoa, glasses filled with mulled wine, and of course, traditional tasty treats, you simply can’t resist checking it out. In case you still need to tick off a few people from your Christmas gift list, then you might as well check out the various handmade gifts that can be found at the Christmas market. There are various markets to be found in Berlin such as the famous Gendarmenmarkt, then there are those that can be found in Spandau Old Town as well as Potsdamer Platz – and in 57 more locations all over the city. There’s definitely no shortage of holiday cheer here!

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Starting from November 11 up to December 18, those in Leeds can get a good taste of the holiday fun in Berlin. Make sure to check out the German Christkindelmarkt which is well known for its wooden stalls that are filled with traditional decorations and gifts for sale as well as a mouthwatering range of yummy, yummy treats. This Christmas market is also popular for its carousel and a beer tent (?), wherein merrymakers can enjoy music from a live band playing a great mix of holiday tunes that will definitely get you singing.

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Not only is Paris a popular romantic location, it’s also home to several Christmas markets that are spread out on various key places all over the city starting in November and will last up to December. These markets will definitely put you in a more festive mood especially with all the delicacies and traditional toys that will get you all nostalgic. To add to the magical charm of these Christmas markets, there are also horse-drawn carriage rides available.

Do you have a favorite Christmas market in your own town? Why not take lots of (analogue) photographs, write about it then submit it for our Locations section?:) Don’t worry, you’ll get lots of holiday love from us in exchange.:D

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